Josiah Alway

Evangelist & Executive Director

Josiah Alway has preached all over the world. Ranging from many countries in South, Central and North America, Africa, Australia, Costa Rica and more.

Originally starting his career in American politics managing political campaigns, Josiah felt the call to campaign for Christ.

He is passionate about spreading the message that has changed his life completely. He is a full time speaker and writer.

Dr. Fidel Reyes

CCI Director, Missionary Doctor & Translator

Doctor Reyes obtained the title of Doctor in Medicine and Surgery from The Catholic University of Honduras in 2012 and was certified by the ECFMG in the United States in 2017. Dr. Reyes has served the Lord in medical missions in Honduras, Costa Rica and Chile, as well as supporting humanitarian activities in Puerto Rico and the United States.
He currently is the Director of Operations and Medical Missions of Campaign for Christ International. He also teaches piano and flute in the local church. His desire is to be the extended hand of the Lord to the sick and the needy, bringing the love of God.

Jabes Bustamante

Director of Music & Evangelist

From Houston, Texas, Jabes Bustamante has served the Lord in the music ministry since he was 15 years old. Recently he has been recording music for an international Ministry. As part of the ministry, he has travelled to northern United States and Australia.

He is also involved in illustrating for Hebron School in Guatemala. His desire is that souls may be drawn to God through the blessing of music.

Allan Rabanales

Prayer Coordinator

Allan Rabanales graduated from Hebron Ministerial Institute in Guatemala in 1997. After graduating, he moved to El Salvador and married his wife Luisa.

While in El Salvador, he was a church leader and, along with his wife Luisa, were involved in several international missionary trips where they ministered to the needy. The Lord sent them to the United States in 1999 where they currently reside.

He is currently one of the Deacons of his local church and Prayer Coordinator for Campaign for Christ International.

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