Week 3: Conocoto

Our last week in Ecuador we returned to the city of Quito to minister in a suburb there named Conocoto. By now we had spent two weeks in Ecuador, weariness and homesickness were all beginning to set in, but God’s grace and strength, as always, prevailed. 


The order of events was much the same this week: spend a few days handing out flyers for the events and tracts, and then two days ministering with a medical clinic and tent meetings. However, this week we also had the opportunity to serve at an addiction rehabilitation shelter. Founded by a local pastor who had once been an addict himself, Josiah and our team had the opportunity to speak to a group of recovering addicts. The pastor had a burden on his heart for them to hear about the work of the Holy Spirit in lives and God was able to use Josiah to share this message with them.




This week also held it’s own set of challenges, and our team was reminded again that it is “not against flesh and blood that we battle, but against spiritual forces.” This was perhaps made most obvious in one particular incident. Our Director, Dr. Reyes, had reserved housing for our team for this last week in advance of the trip. He tells us about it,

“It was late at night, and I was in the living room, getting everything ready because we were leaving the house and going to the other city {the next morning}. And checking the schedule on my computer, i received a message right there saying that the place that I had reserved for the group to go to the next morning for the last week the host was canceling the reservation…I was like ‘where will I put these six people?’ …Speaking with him [our prayer coordinator] gave me peace as he told me that people were praying for us… It gave me the certainty that this that just happened, happened because God wanted it to happen. Because there is people praying for us, there is no way that something bad would happen to us without a purpose.”image4

What good could come from a group of missionaries who have no place stay? As always the team laid the problem at the feet of Jesus and he provided. Not only did our team find another place to stay at the last minute but it was closer to where they would be ministering and owned by Christians! How good is our God to give us exactly what we need instead of what we want!image5

The week’s effort resulted in 177 people treated at the medical clinic and 160 in attendance to the tent meetings.This three week trip left our team exhausted and even some of them sick. But each one was thankful that God had been able to use them to treat 525 people and preach the word of God to 610 Ecuadorian people. Each team member said it was more than worth all the struggle for the work God had done.image6

We hoped you’ve been encouraged to hear about our trip to Ecuador grown in faith as you’ve heard about God’s hand of provision. Join us next time to hear about our trip to Mexico and as always, look us up on Instagram and YouTube for much more content!image7

God bless,

The CCI Team