A Full Recap of the Ecuador 2019 Trip

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Hi! Thanks for stopping in to see us! You’ve seen our site, read our mission and gotten to know our team a bit, so now it’s time to dig in and read about the incredible things God is doing through our team all around the world.

We’ve just arrived home from a three week long mission trip to Ecuador! We visited three cities, led 80 people to Christ, and treated 525 people at our medical clinics. Over the next three weeks we’re going to dive deeper into the struggles, triumphs and joys that our team had on this trip. We hope you’ll be encouraged about the power of prayer, the power of God and the incredible work God can do when He has willing vessels!



Our team at the airport :(left to right) Colleen, Josiah, Jake and Allan

Week 1-Baños

Our team arrived in Quito, Ecuador on January 28 after a 10 hour plane ride from Virginia. The next day they drove three hours to the city that would be their home for the next two weeks, Baños. The team’s game plan was simple; spend two days handing out flyers announcing the upcoming medical clinics and tent meetings, spend the following two days holding medical clinics during the day and tent meetings at night, a day resting and the following day traveling to the next city. Easy, right? Wrong! The Bible tells us that we don’t battle simply against things that we can see but against powers and principalities. Our team would not even leave Virginia before realizing that this trip would test their faith and prove to them that this verse is indeed, true.

So let’s backtrack, the team assembles at Dulles International airport to leave for Ecuador. As they’re trying to check in the luggage they are told by the airport staff that they cannot bring the electronic organ they had planned on using for music during the tent meetings. They were now told that it must be sent separately at a later date and could not be counted as a checked bag. So off our team went without their organ. Fortunately our ground team in Virginia was able to send it off the following day to arrive the next week.

After arriving in Quito, the team picked up their luggage and were now set to leave on their next leg of the journey. However, after taking inventory of their luggage, they realized they were missing one team member’s personal item that was also carrying a large amount of cash to be used on the trip. After looking everywhere for it and speaking with airport security, they were shown footage of it being taken by a couple right behind the backs of our team! As you can imagine this was quite a blow to our team, but they were not dismayed. Each of them knew that God wanted them there and that He would provide for whatever they needed.

It was at this point that we received more devastating news. Dr. Fidel, our physician and translator was being detained by border patrol and would not be able to cross into Ecuador for 5 days! They told him that he needed to receive the Yellow Fever vaccine and wait for it to activate before he could travel into the country. This was a difficult time for our team. After everything they had already endured, now they needed to face a medical mission trip without a doctor and translator. What would be done? The team, and our prayer team back home, let this need rest safely in God’s hands and continued on their way. Our team also coined the motto, “We are all styrofoam cups,” meaning they could each be replaced because God didn’t need any of them.

The town of El Triunfo

Handing out flyers and tracts

After arriving in Baños, our team would drive 40 minutes to the mountain town of El Triunfo where they would spend their first two days there handing out tracts, flyers, and speaking with the townspeople. They also led a church service one of the nights, and spoke to students at a middle school. The fascinating part about this opportunity was that according to Ecuador law, that Jesus is Lord cannot be taught to the children. However, He can be quoted as a historical character which opened the avenue for our speaker, Josiah, to share a message which the children that, very likely, they had never heard before! But again before this was possible our team had to overcome yet another obstacle. The door leading into the classroom that Josiah would be addressing the students in was padlocked shut. What makes this even more fascinating is that no one had the key. Dozens of keys were tried and not one would open the lock, no one even knew where it had come from! The team was not to be dissuaded from their mission however and after several minutes of filing persistently with a small multipurpose tool, the lock was broken and removed. Filing…Done!image4


On their third and fourth days in El Triunfo, the team held a medical clinic by day and revival tent meetings at night. God, as He always does, provided for the needs of the team despite the fact that their doctor had been delayed and would not be able to attend the clinics or translate the events. The pastor from the church there was able to hire a doctor to work the two clinics. In addition, another doctor who attended the church donated her time for both days! Isn’t it just like our God to not only provide for our needs but to supply double what is asked? These two doctors were able to see and treat 167 people during the two day clinic!

The medical clinics

The tent meetings were an incredible blessing to our team and the people in El Triunfo. The meetings were opened by the local pastor, followed by a few songs sung by a trio on our team, then our evangelist, Josiah, preached a message of repentance and salvation which was followed by an altar call while our team sang again and each meeting was ended with a few final words from the pastor. The Lord moved in an amazing way during these meetings and many lives were touched through His Spirit, so much so that many people coming forward to the altar were sobbing with conviction.


The tent meetings

I know what you may be thinking. This is a gimmick, right? They were just emotional in the moment but this isn’t the work of the Spirit of God, He simply doesn’t do things like this anymore. It seems too amazing to be true. But the Bible says that we serve an unchanging God! If He has moved like this before why shouldn’t we believe, no, why shouldn’t we expect Him to move like this more?!

When asked about what he thought regarding people being emotional or truly changed by the Spirit of God, our evangelist Josiah said,
“I personally don’t think you have to cry for the Lord to be there…People can come before the altar, cry, and never have an encounter with God…I think the evidence of God’s presence is the fruit of someone’s life…but I think because conversion includes repentance and it’s a recognition of what Christ did on the cross, I think in evangelism it’s very common to see.”image9

The local pastor left those meetings with the contact information of each person who came forward and visited all of them in the following weeks, and many attended the church service that our team led the next Sunday. If that’s not an example of God’s power to change a life, we don’t know what is.

Stay tuned for next week’s post about or second week in Ecuador, where we travel to the city of Pelileo, meet with much more opposition, Dr. Fidel arrives and so much more! Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any of the great news! And don’t forget to check out our newsletter page so you can stay up to date with our current trip in Mexico! We’ll see you next week! God bless!